Wishing (Remix) ft. Chris Brown & DJ Drama


I  put yo legs in the air  I know understand that I  don’t really care

Thug it out with my corporate suit on weed smoke yeah it be all in the air

Blowing on the loud touching on yo booty as we move through the crowd

Wanna get you back to crib you be wishing right here is where you live

Neighbors knocking on the door cuz they don’t know that we get like this

You been wishing on a star as soon as you got up in my car

I ain’t scared of flashing lights as long as we aint getting stopped by the cops

Problem is once I hit it you aint gone never want me to stop.


I know you got a lot of fellas but I know they lack them propellers

I be fly I be fly – my head be all the way up in the sky

My Swag 1000  –  you wish that I don’t be passing you by

I see you lil mama you sparkle up right there the twinkle it be all in your eye

I know that this cannot be love we bit by the lust so come here and give me some love

No need for the rush cuz yo body be melting from all of my touch

Let’s move to private locations so sexing you can be my only vocation

I stand at attention salute like a private bout to handle his mission