The Fame

Search no more I be going after Fame

I hustle all night just so you can know my name

Ain’t no shame in my game we doing the same thang

The Fame, The Fame the monster that will never tame

We toil away while putting words in different ways

Them late nights dreaming bout being on centerstage

The sacrifice from friends and family we then made

And they don’t understand until we bout to get paid

Yet it may never happen but we still toil away

And Everyday we know we just one hit away

I’ll be ready for the call cuz it might be today

The Fame, The Fame don’t you stand in my way

See once you get a little then you really want a lot

I grind all night just to get to the top

See nothing overnight like a red eye flight
On the road, on the road we be riding all night

I want you to love me- Every Single Day
The Fame, The Fame -A drug that you can’t take
Hustle everyday watching life pass away
The Fame, The Fame – A high that will never fade

Them long nights turn into early mornings
Got to get it get it right it be burning
Got music on my mind so I lose track of time
I hit her just to let her know I’m really in the grind
Nevermind cuz they will never really get it
Creative juices they be flowing yeah it’s authentic
I’m trying hard not to turn my craft into a gimmick
There’s a formula you can follow but I ain’t really wit it
Tote guns, sell dope then maybe I’ll have an image
But I can’t do that cuz I ain’t never really did it
Trying to be famous you’ll end up a statistic
How many had a taste and now they can’t stop getting lifted
My girl thank I’m gone leave her if I get the pole position
I tell her baby look you just apart of the mission
Buckle up good while I take this expedition
It’s me and you plus our little new addition